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Boardroom magazine developed the award program to help vitalize and preserve the institution of private clubs by fostering a ceaseless drive to ever improve the “Member Experience” provided by private clubs throughout the world. Distinguished Gold Club status will be awarded to those private clubs that are within the top 6 percent of all clubs, and those within the top 4 percent will be awarded Distinguished Emerald Club status.

To be a Distinguished Gold Club is to be one of a highly select group of private clubs that have been recognized as providing an absolutely excellent Member Experience, and to be a Distinguished Emerald Club, the club must provide a Member Experience at a level attained by only the finest clubs in the world.

Distinguished ClubDistinguished Emerald Club

The distinction between a Distinguished Gold Club and a Distinguished Emerald Club is nuanced yet thoroughly recognizable, for it is based on the most important of all intangible qualities. Reputation. Reverence. Admiration. Brand Equity. Fame. Whatever you call it, it is that “X” factor that separates two clubs that both provide superlative Member Experience, but where one is a great club, while the other is the most prestigious of memberships.